PAMS - GCE 'N' Level 2018

GCE 'N' Level Results will probably be released on 17 Dec 2018 (Monday). Please prepare your PAMS data prior to the release of the GCE 'N' Level Results. This will minimize unnecessary errors.

You may also want to update PAMS program to the latest version.

There are some New GCE Codes need to be mapped.

There are 2 GCE Text Files. Use the Format "B" which is the bigger size file.

Please refer to GCE 'N' Level Quick Guide 2018 (Revised on 14 Nov 2018) for details.

Our GCE Codes in the Quick Guide may not be the latest!!!

Please refer to SEAB Website for Updated GCE Codes:
Contact us if you encounter any problem. If the call cannot get thru (We should be extremely busy), call again 5 min later.