PAMS for Secondary Schools

This version is only for schools with PAMS 2020 Contract.

Schools without contract will be disabled if you upgrade.
Note: MOE SSOE PCs may not allow Updates to be downloaded directly.

Please refer to PAMS User Guide (Revised on 19 Jun 2020) for details.
- Import Pupil Target
- Import Pupil T/Group
- Import Teacher T/Group

CCA Allocation System

CCA Allocation System

CCA Allocation System (CAS) is a software application that can help you streamline your CCA allocation process. It is more than just collating students' choices into an excel file. It actually allocates CCA to students! In Split Seconds!

Staff Resource Allocation and Deployment (SRAD)



Staff Resource Allocation and Deployment (SRAD) Management System is the latest Software Application developed by RJCAT.
In addition, it also include a FREE mini Staff Profiling Module which can help you maintain and track your staff profile over the years.

SRAD is SSOE Compliance and it runs on Windows Environment (32-bit and 64-bit). It is an OFFLINE Application and does not require any internet connection (No Security Issues).