PAMS for Secondary Schools

This version is only for schools with PAMS 2019 Contract.


Schools without contract will be disabled if you upgrade.
Note: MOE SSOE PCs may not allow Updates to be downloaded directly.


If you have problem downloading, send us an eMail (Non-MOE eMail) and we will eMail updates directly to you. Right-Click and Save Link pams_V5_2019_07_18.rjcat as PAMS.exe into C:\APPS\RJCAT\PAMS2000 folder (Overwrite)
(There was a minor bug in 2019_07_14 version)

Also save TmpSubj.DB and TmpSubj.PX into
C:\APPS\RJCAT\PAMS2000\DataTemp folder (Overwrite)

Please refer to SBB Guide (Revised on 30 May 2019) for details.

- Installation will OVERWRITE all your existing Database. - It is only meant for New PCs.- Copy your existing PAMS Database (C:\PAMS2000\DATABASE) into a Thumbdrive - Right-Click and Save Link pams_setup_2018_12_18.rjcat into your PC Desktop
- Change the file name to pams_setup_2018_12_18.EXE
- Get TA to install (Double-Click on pams_setup_2018_05_23.EXE)
- PAMS will be installed into C:\APPS\RJCAT\PAMS2000 folder
- Copy PAMS Database from Thumbdrive into C:\APPS\RJCAT\PAMS2000\DATABASE (Overwrite).
- Start PAMS
Note: If all the buttons are disabled, this mean your database is EMPTY. You should copy DATABASE from Old PC into this PC.

PAMS (Pupil Academic Monitoring System) is one of the most comprehensive target setting software available in Singapore. It allows you to set target for each cohort within seconds after you have feed in the PRISM parameters. In addition, it also allows you to tweet the parameters and reflects the realistic scenario of your school abilities (Strengths and Weaknesses of each subject).

Seeing is Believing. Call us for a absolutely no obligation and Free Demo.
Cost for new user is $16,000 (Unlimited Site Licence).

Discount applicable if your school has purchased one of our softwares.
You may download the PAMS Specification for the purpose of  ITQ.